“Jane and Emma” Actress and Non-Member Tells NPR the Uplifting Insights She Learned About Joseph Smith, Faith Playing Jane Manning (LDSLiving)

The upcoming movie Jane and Emma is already making waves in the entertainment industry with its controversial topics and strong female presence in the cast and crew. The movie shows the relationship between Jane Manning, Emma Smith, and the prophet Joseph Smith.

Jane Manning was one of the first African American Latter-day Saints to join the Church. She was a woman of great faith and led her family from Connecticut to Nauvoo to better participate in the Church.

Her story is one of faith, heartbreaking trials, and endurance. It confronts controversial topics such as race, gender, and polygamy head on. Danielle Deadwyler plays Jane Manning in Jane and Emma and sat down with Lois Reitzes on NPR’s the City Lights podcast to discuss her role in the movie and share some incredible stories from Jane’s life.

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