Jane and Emma (2018) – Feature Film

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” This quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wasn’t intended to imply that women should misbehave in order to be remembered, but rather a recognition that the positive impacts women have made throughout history are forgotten. These stories are underrepresented in film. Two historical women, E. Jane Manning James and Emma Hale Smith, are remembered and featured in this film where they struggle with questions of faith and acceptance, ultimately laying the foundation for a lifelong friendship. [Release date: October 12, 2018]

Bomberos (2019) – Feature Film

Three teenage firefighters in a small city in Nicaragua decide to break the mundanity of their everyday lives by starting their own emergencies. Their overzealous plan to become firefighters becomes all too real when nationwide protests suddenly sweep the country, resulting in widespread violence. Nicaraguan society is plunged into chaos, and the high schoolers’ commitment as first responders is put to the test as they’re thrown headfirst onto the front line of the conflict.

Long Haul (2018) – Short Film / Narrative

Set in the world of American long-haul trucking, an ultra-conservative teen goes on a cross-country delivery job with his estranged father. During the journey, the son struggles with his parents’ divorce and discovering that his father is gay. [Currently in post-production.]

Faithful (2017) – Short Film / Documentary

Faithful follows two women in a rural Utah town as they navigate two opposing identities––being lesbian and Mormon. It is an exploration of what happens when two women in love with each other and with their religion adhere to the rules that the religion places over their home life. [16 minutes]

Currently in film festivals, next stop: Doc LA (October 18-21) and St. Louis Film Festival (Nov. 1-11).